Unser Grundgedanke sind regelmäßige Forró Tanzkurse.

Wir treffen uns zwei Mal in der Woche, um Forró zu trainieren. In den Kursen lernen wir auf was wir uns beim Forró Tanzen konzentrieren sollten.

Forró ist einfach zu lernen und nach nur wenigen Stunden kannst Du auf der nächsten Forró Party problemlos tanzen. Achtung, Forró macht süchtig!


Zadic Santos

Zadic Santos, founder of "Forró de Frankfurt", Forró teacher, Forró event manager and web designer of "Forró de Frankfurt" was born on 15.07.1978 in Recife/Brazil. As well as the forró was originally born in pernambuco, Mestre Fofo is a born forrózeiro. Zadic's mother was a great lover of the Forró, so she took him to Forró events. Since then he regularly took part in Forró and various folkloric events. Also Zadic trained for some years the couple dance Lambada, the Forró is closely connected. He even participated in various regional competitions in the Lambada. In 2011 he moved to Germany and lived for several months in Stuttgart, one of the German birthplace of Forró, where he met the founder of "Forró de Domingo" Jiordano Terra Pasqualini. Since 2012 he lives in Frankfurt am Main and works with the Brazilian culture. Initially, Zadic taught Forró in a little circle of friends. The group grew bigger and bigger and therefore the idea was born to found a cultural association. At the beginning of 2013, Zadic founded the cultural association "Forró de Frankfurt". In 2016, Zadic became acquainted with the Forró veteran, Evandro Paz from São Paulo, one of the first Forró teachers worldwide. Zadic was immediately fascinated by his Forró style "Pe de serra das baladas de São Paulo" and began to take private lessons with Evandro Paz. At the beginning of 2019 Zadic received the award as Professor of Evandro Paz. Zadic's heart beats not only for the Forró, but also for Capoeira. Through his more than 30 years of experience with Capoeira, he have also knowledge about human anatomy, body language and body mechanics. In his Forró classes, he focuses on clear didactics as well as on an understandable and simple implementation, so that everyone experiences an immediate sense of achievement.


MontagsAnfänger19°°-20°° Uhr
MontagsMittelstufe 20°°-22°° Uhr
DonnerstagsMittelstufe 19°°-20°° Uhr
Donnerstags | Tanzabend (Forró de Quinta)20°°-22°° Uhr
Frankenallee 111, 60326 Frankfurt


1. Probestunde 10,00
ab 2. Probestunde je15,00
(Laufzeit 6 Monate) Euro/monatlich 32,95
Pärchenpreis für 2 Personen
(Laufzeit 6 Monate)
Ersparnis in Höhe von 9,95 Euro/monatlich
(Schüler, Studenten, Rentner, Arbeitslose)
1. Probestunde 5,00
ab 2. Probestunde je10,00
Monatlich (Laufzeit 6 Monate) 22,95

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