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Festival 2018 Teachers Workshops


THIBAULT started teaching forró in 2012 in Darmstadt. Since then he did not stop learning and trying to understand the essence of moving together with a partner and interpreting the music. More focussed on how the body feels and reacts to weight transfers and to rythms than on academical steps and turns, he likes to explore new concepts with his students.


CYRIELLE started dancing forró in 2011 in european festivals, interested by all the forró styles. Quickly she started to learn leading. After her first trip to Brasil, she found her way with the forró "roots", with a huge interest in Daniel Marinho's or Tau macedo's style. She is used to travel often to Brasil to dance on festivals. She is using her knowledge from ballet, which she started with 5 y.o, from tango, which she learned in Buenos Aires, and from her work as physiotherapist. Her particularity as leader and follower helps her having a pedagogy and understanding of the mouves, the contact, and the connection we are looking for in forró.


Tau Macedo is from Salvador, Brazil. He started his involvement with dance at 2009 when he did his first forró class at the "Forrozeando" group, which have a "Forró Universitário" style. He was also a monitor and stayed there for two years. Around 2010 his interest for the so called "Roots" style started to grow and he focused on this particular style in a deeper and independent way, which was still not very known in Salvador. In 2012 he started teaching in a cultural centre and shortly after that, in 2014, he founded his own group, the Forró Classe A. The group proposes teaching forró with emphasis on the roots style, steps that fit with the style, musicality, comfortable dance and leading. Now he still working on Roots style but with emphasis on musicality, bringing knowledges from music to use on dance. In 2016 Tau had the opportunity to do his fist tour around Europe and now he is coming to your fourth tour. Besides being a forró teacher, Tau is also a musician. He plays triangle and zabumba. He started his career in 2011 in a band formed of friends from Forrozeando group called Banda Rutz. In 2012 he met the accordion player Jefinhos Dias and together they formed a quartet which led them to participate at Forró Itaúnas National Festival in 2013 and 2014. In 2016 Tau became the main musician of the accordion player Jó Miranda. During these years he has played with many artists of the circuit such as Duka Santos, Thiago Fred, Fabiano Santana, Carlim Alves, Diego Oliveira, Isaac do Acordeon etc.



FORRÓ FESTIVAL 29.06.-01.07. 2018 

Drei Tage und Nächte. Drei Tanzräume, Sieben Tanzlehrer, mehrere Kurse und viel Spaß Frankfurt Forro Festival: Four days and nights, three dance rooms, seven dance instructors, various courses and a lot of fun.

2017 Forró Konzert Trio Xamêgo am 1.07.17 und mehr..

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