International Forró Meeting

03.-05. Juli 2020

For the fourth time, the annual Forró de Frankfurt Festival will take place in the shadows of the skyscraper metropolis. Each year on the first weekend of July we bring Forrózeiros from all over the world together.

For three days and nights dance to the most beautiful music in the world 🙂

Regardless whether you’ve just started or are already advanced, workshops from the best trainers along with the the top DJ’s and Bands await you.

Meet old friends, make new ones, and escape into the carefree world of Forró. Before heading off to the party, check out the city and maybe even take a skyscraper selfie — a pure Forró-Life-Balance awaits you in Frankfurt.

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Ticket pre-sale is open!

1st lot Full-Pass with 3 days of workshops and 3 nights of parties.

Save 20% on your ticket.

Please note: Only valid for the first 30 tickets!

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